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At the Liber Finance Group, we build companies that empower consumers, by making access to financial products easy and transparent.

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Real Time Loan Offers

When a customer is in need of a loan, they don’t want to be wasting time filling forms or waiting to know whether or not they got the loan, they want to know if they can get a loan at the best rate now. We have made this possible, allowing customers to receive the best offers instantly from many different banks and lenders.

No harm to your credit score

Our solutions cover multiple geographic regions, no matter which service you use we have innovative solutions to ensure that when you use us, your credit score is not harmed by numerous "hard" credit checks.

Marketing solutions

Within our group we have formidable, creative and passionate market teams who are able to reach out to those who need and want our solutions to help them save time and money.


We understand the importance of protecting all information. We follow the highest standards recommended and put preventative measures in place.

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The Liber Finance Group is in 6 countries and growing rapidly. Come and see us, it’s a good excuse to travel.

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The team is full of brilliant, dedicated people focused on revolutionizing the world of finance


"We run an open door policy - let's talk."

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We work with the best and the brightest and are continuously growing our talents. We look for success-minded professionals with the desire to create smart financial solutions.

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Our EU headquarters are situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, Warsaw. An entire region of business and tech leaders work together in our uniquely designed open office space. Our neighbours include Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Samsung and a number of the local banks are a minute or two walk away.

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We design and develop scalable software to solve problems and reshape outdated, stagnant markets that are silently brimming with promise

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